Are you the type that is quite nurturing and has an appreciation for home and family? Are you emotional but at the same time practical to the point that you are good with managing money? Then you must have Cancer energies in your natal chart. So even if your Sun or Moon or rising sign is not in Cancer, there could be other areas of your chart that have these energies.

What Are the Best Love Matches For Cancer?


Virgo is a great match for you because you are both sensitive and understand the issues surrounding trusting others. You tend to be introverted, and so is Virgo, and you can relate to them because of it. You appreciate their meticulous ways and your honesty because that is a significant thing to Virgo. However, the only issue that can arise is that you may tend to be too emotional for them, and they may be too critical at times for you. That can cause friction, but you will find a way to solve that.


Taurus is a great match for you because not only do you have plenty of chemistry for one another, but you both have an appreciation for home and being in a comfort zone. You also see no BS with Taurus, and they are transparent about how they think and feel. You appreciate their tenacity, but they can be too stubborn for your liking, which can get to you, so beware of that.


There is magnetic chemistry between you and Scorpio as the emotional bond and craving are strong. You will be able to give Scorpio the emotional attention they need and vice versa. You find Scorpio’s passionate side attractive, and you find them to be magnetic. However, both of you can be secretive, and that can cause issues between you both. If you push Scorpio to reveal their secrets too much, they will only clam up further, which will further frustrate you.


Pisces is a water sign like Scorpio, and you will find so much in common with them for that reason. You find their sensitive qualities appealing, and they are also mystical, which you also find intriguing. You can be yourself around Pisces, and they will not judge you. Instead, they will take care of you the same way you would take care of others. However, they can be dreamy, and you are more of the practical type, which can cause some friction.


Capricorn is not the emotional type and is too ambitious, Cancer is overly emotional, and both can complement each other since opposites attract! That is why this is a great couple. Opposite signs attract, and Cancer and Capricorn are no different.

If you are in a successful relationship with someone who does not have a compatible sign, remember that other areas in your chart are compatible!