Are you intense and passionate? Would others call you mysterious because of your secretive nature? And are you a good detective, where you can probe into matters that many other people could not? Are you the resourceful type? Then that means you have heavy Scorpio qualities, which means your Sun, Moon, or rising sign might be in Scorpio. Maybe other areas of your chart influence you that way. Now, you will want to know what signs are the most compatible with you. Let’s find out the best five signs of your ideal partner when it comes to your relationships.

What Are the Best Love Matches For Scorpio?


Cancer is an excellent match for you as you both are private, intuitive, and loyal, and you also understand emotions. Cancers will not hesitate to express feelings, but you tend not always to do the same. Cancer may not like how you clam up, and you may find them somewhat overbearing at times. However, you are not the type to compromise easily, and Cancer will also be a good match for you.


Pisces are gentle and loyal, and they make a good match for you since you struggle to trust, and Pisces can also handle your intensity. You also want to be the one who leads, and Pisces will gladly follow, and you will also be an excellent protector to Pisces as they can be more vulnerable. However, you can face the issue that you both can struggle with dramatic mood swings, which can strain the relationship. That can result in unnecessary drama, which is what you don’t want.


Virgo is a good match as they struggle to trust, and you understand that very well, which helps them trust you. Additionally, you like that Virgo will not challenge you, and Virgo loves your confidence and passion. Since Virgo allows you to lead the show, you will show your gentle and vulnerable side to them without hesitation. However, Scorpio can feel attacked if Virgo becomes too nitpicky over them, leading to issues. Other than that, the nature of their relationship keeps them calm.


Taurus and Scorpio are opposite each other, and it is a case of opposites attract as Taurus understands your envy, and you admire their tenacity. Both of you are loyal, and you are careful spenders and ambitious. The only issue is that you can be stubborn and share bad tempers, bringing drama, which will require work.


Capricorn is a good match as both of you are diligent, loyal, and ambitious. You admire that Capricorn is so down-to-earth and trustworthy, and they love your passion. However, the challenge is that you will become frustrated by Capricorn’s lack of emotion, leading to some issues. Your romantic side will help you bring that out from Capricorn, however.

Sun sign compatibility is not what you always need to look for in a relationship, as your sun sign is only a fraction of who you are. For example, I am a Leo, and my husband is a Scorpio which makes our sun signs incompatible, but we have been married for almost 22 years. However, my Moon sign is in Taurus, which makes it compatible with him, and his Moon sign is in Aquarius, which makes it compatible with me. There you go.