If you are the type that is stable, steady, and you like routine, then there is a good chance you have Taurus energies. If your Sun or Moon sign or rising sign happens to be in Taurus, then that right there shows you that you have plenty of Tauren energies. However, there could be other aspects in your horoscope that indicate that you have those energies. So, when it comes to finding the most compatible mate, you will want to know what signs they are. There are five most compatible signs for Taurus, and let’s see what they are.

What Are The Best Love Matches For Taurus?


Scorpio and Taurus are opposite signs, and opposites attract! They share the steadfastness trait, which is why Scorpio is a good match for you. You will take your relationship seriously with them and vice versa, and even though you tend to get jealous as they do, that is not a bad thing. You know how to make one another feel secure. You are calm and gentle, and Scorpio is bold and passionate, and you balance one another.


Cancer is a good mate for you because they are gentle, nurturing, and emotional. They love comfort as much as you do, and they are very homely, which you like. However, the only thing to look out for is that they could be possessive and jealous, which can be an issue for you both. However, if you both can make one another feel secure, then this is a great relationship.


You will have a stable and secure relationship with a Virgo as they understand your determination, as they are hard workers themselves. In addition, Virgo is an earth sign, so you have an easy time understanding them, and you appreciate their productivity. However, they tend to be critical, which can make you defensive, where the issues can lie.


Capricorn is a great match for you because you both share the practical side, and you both are ambitious and meticulous. You also have an appreciation for the finer things in life, and you value stability and security. However, Capricorn is set in their ways which can frustrate you since you are that way. If you both don’t see eye to eye for something, that is when it could be an issue.


You are practical and down to earth, but Pisces is not as they are compassionate and tend to be self-sacrificing. Nevertheless, both can be good for one another because Taurus can bring some practicality into the life of Pieces, and Pisces can help you look into your spiritual side. The only challenge is that Pisces is not always so reliable, which can present a significant issue.

If you are in a relationship with someone who does not have any of these signs, don’t toss them away because they may have other compatible aspects in their charts with yours.