Are you the type that marches to your own drummer and do you embrace your uniqueness? Are you a humanitarian, but at the same time, do you find yourself detached? You prefer to be alone, but at the same time, you do get lonely, which is why you are open to relationships even though you don’t like to commit. Perhaps you are an Aquarius, whether your Sun, Moon, or rising sign in Aquarius – or other influences in your chart. Who are your ideal matches? Let’s go over that now and find out.

5 Ideal Love Matches for Aquarius 


Gemini is a carefree spirit the same way you are, and that alone is why you would make an excellent match. Additionally, both of you love intellectual stimulation, and you could talk about informative and fascinating things all day and all night. You also have broad interests, and you will never grow bored of one another. However, the issue is that the excitement can wane, and you can grow bored with one another eventually; you will have to be honest about where you see your relationship going in the future when you get to that point.


You will find Libra a lot of fun, and you are attracted to their charm, and they are attracted to your fascinating ways. You don’t get angry easily, and you can keep things lighthearted. However, you can face the challenges when Libra wants to become more intimate with you and hold you back. Additionally, Libra wants commitment, and that frightens you. Therefore, like any other relationship, this one will need work too.


Sagittarius is a great match because you and them can find so much fun in life and go on many adventures. Additionally, you are comfortable about Sagittarius staying independent and vice versa, so there is no feeling of smothering at all. Therefore, there is no shortage of anything to discuss, and you will find one another fascinating. However, like Gemini, there is a fear of commitment for both of you, so you will need to figure out what you want in the relationship in the future.


Aries is a good match as you will love their sense of humor, and they will love your wit. You also like their independent ways, and they like the same about you. However, the issue is that Aries has a temper, which does not make you comfortable. You will not know how to respond to it. To meet your emotional needs, you both must share many things in common, so you are motivated to make the relationship work.


Leo is the opposite sign of Aquarius, which is why Leo is a good match for you. Leo wants to be the center of attention, and you want to give attention to others which can cause some friction. However, you will encourage Leo to make others feel powerful, and Leo will help you realize that you need to care for yourself because you cannot pour from an empty cup! That is why you both will help one another more than you can imagine.

What if you are in a successful relationship with someone who does not have a compatible sign, which is not listed here? That is because other factors in your charts make your relationship compatible since the main three influences in the natal chart do not mean everything.