Are you optimistic and adventurous by nature? Are you also honest to a fault? Do you enjoy traveling, and do you consider yourself a philosopher? Then you must have plenty of Sagittarius energy. Maybe your Sun, Moon, or rising sign is in Sagittarius, or you have other influences in your personal horoscope. You may be looking for a partner, and if you are, you will want to know about the best five matches for Sagittarius. Let’s look at that now.

Who are the best love matches for Sagittarius?


The one thing you have in common with Aries is that you share the love for adventure and optimism, and you also love Aries’ passion. There is always excitement between you and Aries, and you will never become bored with one another. However, the issue can arise when both of you act reckless, and then you tend to blame one another for the consequences of behaving in a risky way. You may find yourself getting into heated arguments, but once they simmer down, then you quickly forget about it and carry on.


Leo is a great match for you as they share the same passion and excitement for so many things. You will also respect Leo’s honesty and how they never beat around the bush. However, the issue is that Leo wants to commit, and you are not always so keen on it. That is where the problems can arise. Leo can also be bossy, which can turn you off, but you don’t hang onto being angry about it.


Gemini is your opposite sign which is also why there is an immediate attraction. You both enjoy learning, and you can talk about many fascinating topics. You both will find things to do, and you like to live for excitement. However, Gemini does not always show emotion, and you can have a temper that can turn one another off. There is going to be friction, but you will find a way to work with it.


Aquarius is a great match for you as they are free spirits and love the adventure to do so many exciting things together. You also find that you have a way for Aquarius to open up, which they seldom do, and they will never fail to fascinate you. However, both of you are commitment-phobic, and you may not experience a long-term relationship for that reason.


You love Libra’s charm and their love for parties, and they love your sense of optimism and adventure. You are the life of the party, and that is why Libra loves to show you off. However, Libra does not always speak up, which can be frustrating to you.  Libra also wants to commit, which can also turn you off, where the issues can lie.

If you are in a great relationship with someone who does not have a sign listed, their sign is incompatible. However, remember that you have other factors in a chart that make you compatible with your partner.