While it’s easy to assume that there are only a handful of people who become nurses (think Florence Nightingale and Nurse Ratchet from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest), it turns out that there are certain people who are more likely to choose a nursing career based on their personality type.

For instance, if you know anything about the Enneagram, you probably know that those born with the Three-Wing want to help others. But how do they go about helping? They do so in a variety of ways including as nurses! In tandem with this fact comes another: Out of the nine personality types, three specific types are most likely to become nurses. How do you know which ones?

What Is The Enneagram?

Have you taken a personality test? If so, you likely have heard of the Enneagram, and you can take an Enneagram personality test to learn about your type. In a nutshell, the Enneagram is a personality typing model that consists of nine different personality types that outline each distinct one. So, for instance, if you are naturally bold, then a personality type matches that trait. On the other hand, if you are more of the introverted type, several match that trait. You can also learn about your behaviors, likes, dislikes, and you can use the Enneagram for personal growth and to help you find your ideal career. What about if you are nurturing? Is there an Enneagram type to match that? Absolutely, there is. If you are curious about what Enneagram type makes the best nurses, let’s look into that one further.

What Enneagram Type Is The Most Likely To Become A Nurse?

According to Lily Yuan from Psychology Junkie, if you are Type 2, Caregiver type, you are most likely to become a nurse. Those who have this personality type are naturally caring and nurturing. Therefore, they are the best fit for becoming a nurse as they naturally know how to comfort patients.

Also, according to Yuan, those who have the Type 2 personality type yearn to brighten someone else’s day. There is also a good chance that those with this personality type serve as candy stripers at hospitals. This personality type also is a good fit for a caregiver, hence the name. Let’s see what other types would be as well.

What Enneagram Type Is The Most Likely To Become A Caregiver?

According to AnnaMarie Houlis of Fairy God Boss, the best Enneagram type besides Type 2 to become a caregiver would be the Type 6, Loyal Cynic. This journalist makes it clear that those who have this personality type are highly devoted, protective, and care so much about your wellbeing.

Houlis quotes the Enneagram Institute by saying Type 6 is “the committed, security-oriented type,” and they are also the best “troubleshooter” because they can detect problems before they start. That is why they make excellent caregivers so they can provide excellent care and help avoid issues by foreseeing them first with the recipient. What about the Enneagram type that has these qualities as well as being the best therapist?

What Enneagram Type Is The Most Likely To Become A Therapist?

Even though nurses are not the same as therapists, therapists still provide care for speech, physical movement, ABA, and so much more. Let’s not forget about psychotherapy for mental health. According to Evan Doyle of Enneagram Gift, the best type of therapist would be the Type 9 Peacemaker regardless of the kind.

Doyle states in his article about Type 9, which is specific about mental health therapy, the following: “The ability of Type 9 people to gently get to the source of an emotional hurt makes them great at dealing with people that have mental health problems. In addition, they find it easier than other types to empathize with more volatile personalities in their patients.” That is why those with this type would make great therapists.


It is also important to remember that anyone can become a nurse regardless of their Enneagram type. However, these particular types are the most likely to become the most natural at the role. You have to have natural caregiving and nurturing side to you. You would want someone providing care to you to be the same way too!

Not sure which Enneagram personality type you are? Why not take the Enneagram Personality Type test and find out?