Every minute of every single day, we are all vibrating in one way or another. Our energy can be affected by literally anyone or anything in our environment, by our own thoughts and by our own feelings.

When we learn how all of this works, many of us attempt to intentionally control our vibration in order to create a better life for ourselves. And this works – tremendously well. We like to call it intentional vibration management.

A Shine Buzz is the way that you feel when you’ve used intentional vibration management to your advantage. It’s that good feeling you get when you’re happy, when you’re grateful, when tears of joy well up in your eyes because you’re so proud of someone or so happy to see someone. It’s how you feel when you find something so funny you spit your coffee all over the place, or when you love someone or something so much your heart feels like it’s swelling in your chest. It’s that little buzz you get when you finally solve a problem or figure out how to fix something that was broken – or when you get a sweet deal on something you’ve always wanted.

When you come to this website, you will only find Shine Buzz-worthy content – all aimed at giving you the good feelings you need to raise your vibration. This is our mission: to help like-minded people have easy access to their daily Shine Buzz at any given moment in order to help them raise their own vibrations and therefore have a better day – and a better life.