You need to treat yourself once in a while to a delicious dessert. As long as you don’t make a sugary treat a common thing, then there is nothing wrong with giving in to a sweet indulgence every now and then. What type of dessert is ideal for you? Well, that depends on your mood. Sometimes you may be in the mood to have ice cream, and other days you may be in the mood for a piece of cake or some cookies. But just for fun, let’s now find out what the best desserts are appropriate for you based on your zodiac sign!

Aries – Hot Pepper Chocolate – Because Aries has that fiery side, then this is the perfect dessert. Dark chocolate with a hint of hot pepper. How can they go wrong?

Taurus – Chocolate Chip Cookie – Taurus is completely fine with having a dessert that is traditional, and there is nothing more down to earth than a chocolate chip cookie!

Gemini – Ice Cream Sundae – Gemini is known for being versatile, and therefore, the sundae is the perfect fit for them. They can have a variety of toppings such as chocolate chips, Smarties, crushed peanuts, marshmallows, and fudge and caramel sauces.

Cancer – Double Fudge Chocolate Cake – This is the dessert that provides the ultimate comfort, so with this one, they cannot go wrong. They can enjoy a slice (or two) while sitting on their sofa in their den watching their favorite shows.

Leo – Cupcakes – This is a fun dessert where creativity can be expressed, as cupcakes are made looking like a variety of Disney characters, for instance.

Virgo – Anything with Dark Chocolate – Virgo is very concerned about health, and it is a known fact that dark chocolate is healthy. Especially if it is at least 70% cacao. Fruits with it are a bonus as it is a delicious and a nutritious dessert.

Libra – Banana Split – Libras love their comfort food and they need balance. A banana split is a perfect dessert for them as the banana is split perfectly down the middle which creates balance. The delicious sundae is in between each slice.

Scorpio – Lava Cake – This chocolate cake is explosive and the Scorpio relates to this and appreciates this dessert for that reason.

Sagittarius – Brownies – Brownies are party desserts because they are really the life of the party. The Sagittarius loves anything that is celebration-related.

Capricorn – Creme Brulee – Capricorns are hardworking and love luxury. This dessert is luxurious, and you also have to work hard at cracking it open. The perfect fit for this sign.

Aquarius – Gummy Bears or Worms – This is not the traditional dessert and Aquarians are anything but traditional. This is why this is a perfect fit. And they like being inventive so they can create their own gummy item, such as rocket ships.

Pisces – Funfetti Cake – This colorful cake with sprinkles on top is what matches the artistic and dreamy side to the Pisces, and this dessert is one they relate to quite well.

What dessert do you love? Do you feel it is an appropriate match for your sign?