Are you ambitious, organized, and goal-oriented? Are you a natural hard worker and prefer not to have fun until you finish your work or something important? Are you also the type that likes luxury and has high standards, but at the same time is introverted? Then chances are you are a Capricorn, whether your Sun or Moon sign or rising sign are in it – or perhaps there are other influences in your chart. If you are looking for that special someone, you will want to know about the compatibility, and let’s go over the best five matches for your sign.

5 Best Love Matches for Capricorn


Taurus is an excellent match for you because you admire their tenacity, and they respect your ambition to achieve so many remarkable things together since you are a hard worker.  You also are very comfortable with Taurus and never feel as if they are invading your privacy. However, the issue you will face together is that you will not like Taurus’s stubbornness as you can be that way too. If you don’t see eye to eye on something, that is when things will become challenging.


Virgo is an excellent match for you as you both are hard workers, and you understand one another on every level. You tend to be moodier than Virgo, but they can help you talk about why you feel that way. You also know how to calm Virgo down as they are known to be high-strung.  Both of you are set in your patterns which can create some friction, but you will learn to work through it.


Pisces is a dreamer and not grounded, which is why it may be confusing to learn that this is a compatible sign to Capricorn. However, you and Pisces complement one another well. You know how to bring Pisces down to earth, and Pisces encourages you to dream and relax. In addition, you both share the same love for luxury and the arts.


Scorpio is a good match as they expect honesty, and you are honest as you have nothing to hide. Scorpio is ambitious and loyal the same way you are. However, you may find that Scorpio can be smothering based on their emotions, and they may think you are cold. That is where the differences can get into the way of things, but you can work it out.


Cancer is your opposite sign which means there is a natural attraction, which means you are compatible with Cancer. However, you will find that Cancer is too emotional, and they may find you cold, where you can teach Cancer how to get a hold of their emotions, and they can teach you how to express it. You both are good with managing money, ambitious, and introverted, which also makes you compatible.

Is your partner of a sign that is not on this list? Then remember that there is so much more to your chart than your sun, Moon, or rising sign which is why you may be compatible.