You may have learned about the Enneagram by taking an Enneagram quiz to understand more about your personality type. However, when you know about your personality type and read about it further, you will see the rest of the description of that personality type will resonate a lot with you.

What Is The Enneagram, And What Does It Say About You?

The Enneagram is a nine-pointed personality model developed in the 20th century characterized by listing nine different personality types. The model gives you an idea of why you behave the way you do, have particular likes, dislikes, and helps you grow spiritually and in every way possible because it helps to bring you self-awareness. In addition, the Enneagram can help you figure out why you have certain traits that could help you attain what you want in life or deter you from getting them.

Can The Enneagram Determine How Controlling You Are?

If you have been wondering if your Enneagram type can determine the level of control you have over others, yes, it can. Having a controlling personality can be a good thing if you harness it the right way, and as long as you don’t exploit others with it. However, it can show that you have a good grasp of leadership, and it can offer you can get things done quickly. But if you don’t operate on a high level of your type, you will end up controlling others. So let’s find out which Enneagram type is the most likely to be controlling?

What Enneagram Type Is The Most Controlling?

According to Peter O’Hanrahan, at The Enneagram At Work, Type Eight is the most controlling because they are known to be leaders and do not want to be controlled by anyone. When they are at their best, they are enthusiastic, powerful, and generous. However, when they are at their worst, they are very dominating and angry.

O’Hanrahan states that “Eights usually speak assertively and exert strong leadership. They tend to be bossy, and when things go wrong, they often get angry.” Therefore, this is the most controlling Enneagram type.  What about the kind that is controlling to the point that they are highly critical? Let’s find that out.

Which Enneagram Type Is The Most Critical?

According to Susan Storm, at Psychology Junkie, Type One is highly critical because they are natural perfectionists. They want everything done in a certain way, and when they are at their best, they live a life of integrity and can be pretty selfless. However, if they are at their worst, not only are they critical, but they are cruel, self-righteous, hypocritical, and controlling as well.

Storm states that “When they (Type Ones) take out their judgmental actions and beliefs on others, they see it as a righteous act and refuse to personalize or take responsibility for what they are doing. They are belittling, critical, and obsessive.” Now, what about the Enneagram type that is the most manipulative? Let’s find that out.

What Enneagram Type Is The Most Manipulative?

According to Lynn Roulo, at Truity Personality and Careers Blog,  Type Two can be incredibly controlling through manipulation. This type will give anything and sacrifice their needs to make sure yours are met. However, they don’t always do this through the goodness of their hearts. Instead, they want you to appreciate them. If you don’t, then that is when they become very manipulative and cruel by being overly emotional.

Roulo states about this type: “Look no further than Glenn Close’s character Alex Forrest in Fatal Attraction to see a fixated Type 2. She couldn’t let go of a weekend affair and went on to stalk the man and his whole family. Inappropriate boundaries and obsession are key elements of fixated Type 2s. ”

The thing to remember about the Enneagram is that you can utilize it to grow and become the best version of yourself. However, it is always best to know the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of each type, so you become aware of yourself. If you don’t want to appear controlling negatively, then you can work on helping to prevent that from happening.

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