If you’ve ever taken a personality test, you may have heard of the Enneagram. Maybe you even took an Enneagram quiz to find your type. But do you know what type is most successful?

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a tool designed to assist you in finding your true self. Featuring a 9-pointed system with each number representing one of 9 distinct personality types, the Enneagram was developed in the early 20th century. The idea is that no two people are alike, but you can categorize everyone into one of these types. It’s a model that shows you what lies beneath your defenses, beyond the lies, the fears, and the limitations quietly holding you back from achieving your true potential. The reason why it’s so powerful is that it gets to the root of all your fears, anxieties, and limitations by identifying your unconscious motivations.

Can your Enneagram Type affect your level of success?

Have you ever wondered if your Enneagram Type could affect your level of success? Indeed, your personality, intellect, ability to deal with conflict, and many other factors play a part in your level of success, but does your Enneagram Type matter? And what do we mean by success?

If we’re defining the most successful Enneagram types, it can also help to determine the word successfully. While we primarily refer to career success in this article, it’s important to remember that success is not just money. It is different for everybody. Ultimately, success is achieving what you want most in life. In short, it seems the actual definition of success is happiness.

Which Enneagram Type is the Most Successful?

According to Lynn Roulo at Truity Personality and Careers Blog, while it can be tempting to focus on Enneagram Type 8, the most successful Enneagram type is Type 9. Why?

As Ruolo explains it, Type 9’s “gift for understanding the position of others and making everyone feel heard” is their secret sauce.

“Got conflict? Add a Type 9 to the equation and watch it de-escalate,” Ruolo says. “These special people have a way of finding common ground when there appears to be none.”

Type 9s allow others to feel heard and understood – they’re good at putting themselves in someone else’s shoes; they are the “master negotiators, the meditators, and the peacemakers of the world.”

Which Enneagram type is most likely to be an entrepreneur?

As Caterina Efé explains at Republic.co, nearly anyone (and any Enneagram type) can be entrepreneur.

“Each personality type includes healthy and unhealthy tendencies, which align with an individual’s mental, emotional, and ethical maturity,” she explains. “Accepting and working with your own fears, motivations, strengths, and weaknesses can help you live up to your greatest potential, both professionally and personally.”

And according to Kristi Rowles, the essential quality for a successful entrepreneur is more simple than you may expect: it’s all about self-awareness.

Which Enneagram Type is Most Likely to Be a Digital COO?

According to Kristin Kaplan, three standout types might best fit the role of Digital COO – starting with her own type – Enneagram Type 1, which she notes are “essentially the perfectionists, with an emphasis on personal integrity and self-control.”

“Their attention goes toward seeing and correcting what is wrong, and doing the right thing,” Kaplan writes, adding that they’re also “known for their honesty, dependability, and common sense.”

Kaplan also points out Enneagram Type 3s as possible COO candidates due to their penchant to be “the high achieving type,” and Enneagram Type 6,  who she notes are both loyal and “all about using their intellect to figure stuff out.”

Things to Remember

While we believe that the Enneagram can help you achieve more success and freedom in your personal and professional life, we also know that anyone can be successful if they choose to do so and put in the hard work required.  Still, it won’t hurt – and you can facilitate your success – if you take the time to learn about and understand the different Enneagram types and how they affect your behavior and motivation.

Let’s Discuss It

Do you consider yourself successful? Which Enneagram Type are you? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section, and let’s discuss this.