Are you the type with abundant creativity and wants to show the world what you are and what you have? Are you warm-hearted and generous but tend to want to take over the spotlight? Then you must have plenty of Leo energies. Maybe your Sun, or Moon, or rising sign is in Leo, or maybe there are other aspects of your horoscope that are in Leo too. Either way, if this is you, you will want to know your ideal love matches. Let’s talk about that now.

Who Are the Best Love Matches For Leo?


Aries is a fun match for you as there is never a shortage of things to do together, and you both understand one another fundamentally since you both have fire signs. You have so much in common with Aries as you both enjoy physical activity, creative activities, and fun careers. However, fire with fire can be combustible. That means there may be power struggles in the picture. Other than that, you make a fun couple.


Another fun match is Sagittarius for you, and you can enjoy going on adventures together and have plenty of fun. You can also inspire Sagittarius to use their creative side, as they will enjoy doing. However, you will tend to dominate Sagittarius, and you can rub them the wrong way, which will mean plenty of heated arguments will happen. Other than that, you will never be bored with each other.


Libra and Leo make a lovely match as you will admire Libra for their natural charm, and they will appreciate that, and you like their appreciation as that means a lot to you. Therefore, you will give them plenty of gifts and attention, and they will shower you with that as well. However, you may become annoyed with Libra’s inability to make decisions, and they can clam up if they feel pressured. They don’t like conflicts, and you are not afraid of them, which means you may find yourself having to back them in a corner if you are upset. That can cause a lot of stress.


Gemini is a social butterfly and is a lot of fun, so this sign appeals to Leo. Gemini will also find you fascinating, and you will find Gemini fun and stimulating. However, the problem will arise when you want to commit, and Gemini does not, as Gemini does not like commitment. That is unless there are other aspects in their horoscope that make them open to commitment. So what happens when you have so much fun with your partner who is afraid to commit to a serious relationship with you?


Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs, and you know how opposites attract. You like to perform, and Aquarius likes to think and observe. You are both creative and inventive, and you can show Aquarius how to take time for yourself, whereas they can show you how to use your creativity and benefit the world around you.

Are you in a serious relationship with someone who does not have a sign on this list? Maybe they have other aspects in their charts that make you compatible with them, so don’t take this as the gospel since there is so much to your chart that goes beyond your sun, moon, and rising sign.