Are you the type that is friendly and sociable? Has anyone told you that you are quite charming? Are relationships essential to you, and yet, do you have a difficult time making decisions? Do you also dislike confrontation, so you end up keeping a lot to yourself? Then you must have strong Libra qualities. Maybe your Sun, or Moon, or rising sign is in Libra. Who is your best match? Let’s find out five of them!

Who Are the Best Love Matches For Libra?


Gemini is a great match for you because, like you, they enjoy parties and socializing, and you will find Gemini to be a lot of fun. You find Gemini’s curiosity appealing and attractive, and you both have a zest for life. However, the one challenge you will find is that you will struggle with making decisions together since both are indecisive, requiring a lot of work as a couple.


Leo is a great match as they love your charm and fashion statements, and you love their confidence and honesty. You can have plenty of fun at parties together for different reasons as you love to socialize and Leo wants everyone to notice them there. However, you are not the type to be confrontational, which will annoy Leo as they want to discuss matters out in the open. That is something to work on as a couple.


Aries and Libra is a case of opposites attracting as that is the opposite sign to you. You will find that you complement one another as Aries will encourage you to become more assertive. You will encourage Aries to look at the perspective of others. You both are social, optimistic, and share creativity, but your differences can create friction.


Aquarius is a great match for you as both value equality and justice, and you will find that they love the arts the same way you do. However, Aquarius is not extraverted, and you are, which can cause some challenges, and your extraversion can tire them. You will also find that you will be going to parties alone as well.


Sagittarius is a good match for you as you both share the same zest in life, and you both enjoy going to parties. You are curious about Sagittarius’ love for travel and adventure. However, the only issue is that you want commitment, and this is an area of struggle for Sagittarius as Sagittarius wants freedom. Once again, that is the area for the couple to settle.

If you are in a relationship with someone who does not share these compatible signs, that does not mean they are not incompatible unless you are ready to end the relationship. There are other areas of the horoscope that will indicate your compatibility.